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Are you concerned about your car? Is there a knocking noise or do the brakes feel uneven? Bearsted Auto Centre perform a wide range of car repairs in Maidstone. You can count on us to look after your car, and will work tirelessly to diagnose any faults, and putting right any problems as cost-effectively as possible. As mechanics in Maidstone, we always work in your best interests, and will consult with you when there is a viable choice between repair and replacement, for example. Contact us here for a consultation and free quote or give us a call on 01622 296116.

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Keeping Your Vehicle Maintained

It is advised to service a car every year or every 12,000 miles, although some manufacturers recommend more frequent maintenance. By doing this, you reduce the risk of breakdowns by catching faults before they become a problem, and you can extend the lifetime of your vehicle too. With oil changes and wheel alignment, your fuel efficiency will improve too.


A small investment in routine servicing, plus a good inspection programme results in good return on that investment because of:

  • Reduced cost of repairs over the vehicle's life
  • Reduced unforeseen and possible breakdown risks
  • Reduced vehicle time off the road
  • Less inconvenience and less unforeseen expense
  • The possibility of greater fuel economy
  • The possibility of increased product life e.g. tyres last longer, brake disks do not become scored and in need of replacement.


Full service or interim – the choice is yours

There are two types of car service offered by Bearsted Auto Centre – Interim and Full Service. The full service has a longer list of comprehensive checks and is therefore more expensive. The cost of your service will also depend on your engine size – those with smaller engines will incur smaller costs.

Interim service checks include:


  • Bodywork and mirrors etc.
  • Timing belt interval
  • Warning lights
  • All seatbelts
  • Interior and exterior lights
  • Front and rear windscreen wipers, washers and rear-view mirror
  • Fuel cap
  • Air conditioning (if necessary)
  • Power steering
  • Auxiliary and fan belts
  • Air filter
  • Battery
  • Clutch
  • Gearbox oil and axel oil topped up
  • All fluid levels topped up
  • Inspection for corrosion
  • Engine oil and filter replaced
  • Steering and suspension
  • Exhaust system
  • Fuel lines, brake pipes, hoses and handbrake
  • Checks for leakage from cylinders and callipers
  • Tyres
  • ABS
  • Brake pads, drums and discs
  • Handbrake operation
  • Exhaust emissions

A full service includes all of the interim services, plus the following:

  • Door hinges, catches and locks
  • Coolant system
  • Engine cooling fan
  • Operation of throttle
  • Air filter replaced
  • Distributor cap conditio
  • Engine and gearbox mounts

  • Starter motor cranking and security tests
  • Visual inspections of radiator and coolant pipes
  • All-wheel bearings checked for noise
  • Wheel checks
  • Front and rear brake checks


After these checks, you'll have a stamp in your service book that you can use as proof that you've taken care of your vehicle. What's more, having a full-service history increases the value of your car too.



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Although it is recommended that you have a trained mechanic service your car every 6,000 miles, there are certain things you can do to ensure your car is in good health – saving you money in the long run. In order to maintain car health, we recommend regularly checking the below:


Windscreen wash and wipers 

As the windscreen is the principal method of seeing the road in a car, it is imperative that visibility is not impaired.

Your car should highlight to you when our windscreen wash needs to be replaced - you will need a bottle of wash to do this. Begin by popping the bonnet and locate the screen wash bottle – this is usually blue with a windscreen symbol on the top. Open this cap and fill the bottle until you reach the maximum line which should be visible near the top.

If you've noticed that using the wipers only moves the dirt around rather than expelling it, it might be time to clean your window wipers. Start by cleaning your windscreen with hot, soapy water, a hose or a jet washer. Then lift the wipers and wipe them down with your hot soapy water and a cloth. Remember to be delicate – the rubber can be fragile and be removed easily.


Battery check 

A faulty battery can be a real inconvenience, especially if it stops working altogether when you're far from home. The trick with the battery is keeping on top of battery care. We recommend following the below steps to keep your car battery is in peak condition:

  • Keep the car battery clean and dry at all times
  • Never allow the car battery to discharge completely
  • Ensure the car battery is firmly secured in its mounting and that all connections are fully tightened
  • Apply battery grease to terminals to keep them free from corrosion

If you have noticed an issue with your battery such as slow turn over, at Bearsted Autocentre offers a free battery check – you will only pay if work needs done!

Engine oil 

It is of high importance that your engine oil is regularly maintained as oil protects, lubricates, cools and cleans your engine. Servicing your car will ensure that the oil is properly checked by a specialist and replaced with fresh oil if needed. However, between servicing, you should regularly check your engine oil to ensure it is maintained at a level in order to help keep your engine running as smoothly as possible.

When and how should I check my oil?

Before checking, the engine should be warm, but allowed to stand for a couple of minutes to give the oil level a chance to settle. Using the dipstick housed in the engine block; firstly remove it and wipe the end clean, then reinsert it into its tube and push it down all the way. Pull the dipstick back out and this time note where the oil is on the end of the stick in accordance with the minimum / maximum level markings. Top up if necessary.

Checking your oil regularly could save you a fortune in the long run.


Although frequently used to express frustration on the roads, a horn has a safety purpose . It can be used to warn or alert other road users that you are on the road. Every so often, ensure that your horn is still working


Having a healthy exhaust offers several benefits such as increased fuel efficiency and converting harmful exhaust fumes into non-harmful ones. It is easy to spot when your exhaust isn't functioning as it should such as:

  • A loud roar
  • A persistent rattle
  • A tinkling sound
  • A chugging noise
  • A hissing sound



If there is one part of your vehicle you want to keep in peak condition, it's the brakes – if these fail, it can have catastrophic consequences. Keep on top of your brake maintenance by inspecting your brake pads and fluid every 12,000 miles. If your pad lining is less that 1/8 inch or the brake fluid is dirty, it's time to book your car in or replace them yourself.

If you notice any noises or failings in your braking system, visit Bearsted Autocentre as soon as possible for a free brake check. We have a range of brake repair capabilities.

Lights and indicators 

To keep both you and other road users safe in the dark and the fog, it is important that all your lights are functioning as they should. We recommend asking a friend or family member to stand outside your car while you try you indicators, fog lights, headlights and normal lights. If anything appears amiss, take your car to the closest garage. Ensure that it is safe for you to drive in conditions – for example if your headlights are broken, do not drive in the dark, wait until the daylight to get the issue fixed.


It is second nature for drivers to check their mirror position before they pull off but how often do you check for cracks and smudges? It is important you ensure full visibility to reduce the chance of any further damage etc so make sure you are regularly cleaning all your mirrors.


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Here Are Some Tyre Brands Available To Order

  • Michelin
  • Nokian Tyres
  • Bridgestone

  • Uniroyal
  • Pirelli
  • Continental

  • Firestone
  • Hankook
  • Avon

  • Yokohama
  • Goodyear
  • Dunlop





 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my car needs repair?

Look out for warning signs such as unusual noises, strange smells, warning lights on the dashboard, or any changes in your vehicle's performance. Regular maintenance checks can also prevent potential issues.

What types of car repairs do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of car repairs in Maidstone, including engine diagnostics, brake repairs, suspension work, exhaust system repairs, transmission repairs, and more.

How often should I have my car serviced for general repairs?

Regular maintenance is crucial. Follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations, but a general guideline is to have your car serviced every 6,000 to 12,000 miles or at least once a year.

Do you use genuine parts for repairs?

Yes, whenever possible, we use genuine or high-quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to ensure the best performance and longevity for your vehicle.

How long does a typical car repair take?

The duration of our car repairs in Maidstone depends on the nature and extent of the issue. Minor repairs may take a few hours, while more extensive repairs might require additional time. We'll provide you with an estimated timeframe during the assessment.

Can I get a quote for car repairs before the work is done?

Absolutely. We provide transparent and detailed quotes for all proposed repairs. You'll have a clear understanding of the costs involved before any work begins.

Is there a warranty on the repairs performed?

We do not provide warranties for our repairs.

Can I drop off my car for repairs after business hours?

We recommend scheduling appointments during regular business hours, but we understand that emergencies happen. Contact us to discuss the possibility of drop-off or pick-up arrangements outside regular hours.

Do you offer loaner cars or alternative transportation during repairs?

We may offer loaner cars or have partnerships with rental services for extended repair durations. Please inquire about our options when scheduling your repair.

How can I prevent major car repairs?

Regular maintenance is key. Follow your vehicle's recommended service schedule, address issues promptly, and pay attention to warning signs. Timely maintenance helps prevent major breakdowns and extends the life of your car.

Can you repair all makes and models of cars?

Our experienced technicians are trained to handle a wide variety of makes and models. Contact us to confirm if we can service your specific vehicle.






What We Offer

Basic car maintenance

While it is always recommended to have your car services regularly by professional mechanics like ourselves, there are many things you can also check and maintain yourself if you have the time and inclination.


Windscreen wash

The washer fluid inlet is usually easy to find when you lift the bonnet, and it is usually best to make sure this is topped up regularly, especially as winter draws in and the roads are gritted and salted. You can buy screenwash, which has antifreeze included to prevent freezing, at most garages.


Cleaning the wipers and checking the blades is also advisable on a regular basis. Blades can be replaces relatively easily if they ever deteriorate.


Battery check

While there is little to prevent a battery running low after a long time, by keeping the battery clean and dry, and ensuring to grease the terminals, you can guard against unexpected failures.

Engine oil

Use the dipstick to check the oil after a drive, allowing the oil to settle for a few minutes first, and making sure to wipe the dipstick first. If the oil is below the minimum marker on the dipstick, top it up using the oil inlet by the engine.


Lights and indicators

A good way to check lights and indicators is to park in front of a glass-fronted building, and observe how the lights and indicators are working in the reflection. Most garages will replace lights quickly for a very small charge.


A healthy exhaust is vital for good fuel efficiency. If your exhaust is making rattling, chugging, or hissing noises, get it checked out as quickly as possible.